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The attribute of greatness once awarded to leaders and spiritual icons is now found everywhere. From the classrooms to the field – from beneath us to heavens, the boundaries of greatness are being blurred. So go out and live. Live with a purpose and Live Better, Longer™!

Krystina Butel had a caricature of herself done while on holiday when she was 15 and then spent the next 15 years and over $215,000 on plastic surgery so that she could literally look exactly like the cartoon drawing of herself. Now 30, it looks like she pulled it off(ish).


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By Deborah Mitchell

Anyone who suffers from ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, may get some relief from Pycnogenol. A team of investigators in Italy report that the French maritime bark supplement can lead to improvement in this and other hearing related problems.

Ringing in the ears
If you experience ringing in the ears, you are among the 20 percent of the population that is affected by this symptom at one time or another. In recent years, a group that has experienced a significant increase in tinnitus is war veterans, especially those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the vast majority of cases,...

When he learned in 1995 that he had Alzheimer’s disease, William Utermohlen, an American artist living in London, immediately began work on an ambitious series of self-portraits. These are his self portraits over 8 years' time from onset until he forgot to send a portrait to care facility management.

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There’s just nothing quite so refreshing and fun, and speaks of summer than a chilled mug of root beer.  Add some vanilla ice cream and it gets even better.  And since today is National Root Beer Float Day, I thought it would be fun to toast the event and lift a tall one in celebration!

Although as a “soda” drink root beer is only about 3% of the market these days, it is still the only soft drink that’s distinctive taste suits the addition of a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, thus the invention of the root beer “float.”  It’s rare you hear anyone requesting a Mountain Dew or a Dr. Pepper float, but I suppose it has...

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I came across this photograph – number 28 of 33 fun snapshots taken at just the perfect, split-second moment:

Eyes squeezed tightly shut against the explosion of watery, soapy wonderful, the child’s smile is captured just as it changes from delight to surprise.  Seeing this picture I bet that we all stopped, smiled and remembered what it was like to chase and annihilate bubbles.  Sometimes the race to see how many we could pop was even more fun than creating them with our various blowers and wands.

After all, a bubble is just a thin, iridescent film of soapy water...

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It was forty-five years ago this week that the world was able to look back upon itself.  This island home of humanity was viewed from the perspective of one standing on the moon and it changed the way we looked at ourselves.  At least it did for me.

I had just graduated from high school the month before Neil Armstrong took that one small step on the moon’s surface.  I was in my “own small world” of leaving the familiar behind and wondering how my life would change stepping onto a large college campus.  

I remember it as a time of great tension on so many levels.  The “right and the wrong” of the war in Viet Nam; the...

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Summer brings out the fun in most people, especially children.  So when I overheard my grandson say, “That was the BEST EVER,” I thought I’d share a few of some fun “Best Evers”:


      Brown Bread Molasses and Salted Butterscotch



      McDermott’s in County Clare



       Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky



       Colosseum Kino in Oslo, Norway




I’ve known for a long time that water is good for me.   There isn’t a magazine, newspaper, health program that doesn’t espouse drinking water, and lots of it, for one’s optimal health.  Staying hydrated has mega-advantages from weight loss to disease prevention to a better night’s sleep.  And there’s nothing like water for quenching real thirst!

Therein lies the problem.  I’m rarely thirsty and I just simply don’t like the taste of water.  I cannot tell the difference between expensive bottled water (don’t get me started on this subject) and cold water right out of the tap.   The benefits of drinking lots of water...