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The attribute of greatness once awarded to leaders and spiritual icons is now found everywhere. From the classrooms to the field – from beneath us to heavens, the boundaries of greatness are being blurred. So go out and live. Live with a purpose and Live Better, Longer™!

​Some juggle fire, some amaze you with magic, others sing or play a guitar. Natalie plays Rachmaninov, Chopin and Mendelssohn on keyboard like a concert pianist.

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CNN Hero Narayanan Krishnan gave up a career as a chef to feed the homeless three meals a day in Madurai, India.

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Lately such aphorisms as “Fake it till you make it,” or “Act as if until it is,” have surfaced in various conversations I’ve had in different contexts.  Even in articles on unrelated subjects, these references to thoughts and actions got me to wondering about the power of human brain.  

The intricacies, the capabilities as yet unknown and simply the capacity of the brain to do what it does mystify most of us ordinary folk.  The scientific community and the researchers in the field of neuroplasticity are unfolding some the most amazing things about this mighty matter that exists just beneath our skull.


It takes seven years to digest swallowed gum.


Cracking your knuckles will lead to arthritis.


Bats are blind.


Airplanes empty their toilet tanks while flying in mid-air.

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world.


French leader Napoleon Bonaparte was short.


Humans only use 10% of their brains.


You can’t fold a piece of paper more than seven times.

Christopher Columbus discovered America.

You need to wait an hour after eating before you can swim safely.

A bite from a Daddy Longlegs spider would kill a human being.

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Whether we are conscious of it or not, the cosmos – the universe – changes us, even minutely so.  A small cellular synchronization and we are different.  The gravitational pull of the moon affects every particle of mass in the universe and some of us notice.  Twice a year, on or about September 22nd and March 20th, the sun crosses the celestial equator and day and night is of equal length and some of us celebrate the constant expanding and extraordinary dimensions of this world.

It is not just a symbolic thing, the changes of the seasons.  It seems as those we are “called” into an awareness of the incredible...

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This is the best game of horse ever played. A must watch!

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Did you know pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium?  The highest concentration in any food at 47.7% DRI/DV?  Magnesium is a key mineral in human metabolism and in fact, is necessary for more than 300 chemical reactions in the body!

Did you know that the muscles that control your eyes contract about 100,000 times a day?   That’s the equivalent of giving your legs a workout by walking 50 miles!

Did you know that the ultra marathon runner, Dean Karnazes, completed a 350-mile nonstop, no sleep run in 80 hours and 44 minutes?  He has also completed a 50/50/50 challenge:  50 marathons across all 50 states in 50 consecutive...

David Belisle spoke to his Rhode Island players who were in tears after being eliminated from the Little League World Series.