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Not every bad habit is all bad.

The plank is a very challenging abdominal exercise that can be done for 15 seconds all the way up to a couple of minutes.

By The Huffington Post Canada

Now that fall is officially here, you've probably already noticed people sniffling or appearing a bit less cheery than they did throughout the summer. And though the season is undeniably beautiful, it does require a bit more of an effort to keep yourself healthy and happy.

Emilie McBride, chef to pro surfer Kelly Slater and author of The Raw Food Beginner's Deck, has passed along some tips to remind yourself of easy ways to boost the immune system, calm the mind and most of all, keep warm.

Eat A Superfood In The Morning

Chef and author Emilie McBride recommends starting your day with a touch...

Remember what Halloween used to be like? Plastic, jack-o-lantern buckets filled with candy, candy, and still more candy! Boy, have things changed. Today, experts warn against too much added sugar, and all those individually wrapped goodies and unhealthy treats are suddenly frowned upon. What are kids to do? Bring back the fun—and still keep things healthy—with these homemade Halloween snack ideas!

  1. Make Jack-o-Lantern Snacks and Meals To make every day foods more festive, think like a pumpkin and start carving! Try cutting spooky faces into oranges for a fun lunch box snack. Or carve orange peppers before stuffing them with...

Separate fact from the fiction when it comes to women's training and nutrition.

by Siera Capesius 


We've all heard that one. And yes, any woman who lifts weights over time will become progressively stronger, but that doesn't mean that she'll physically start looking male.

See, women produce just a fraction of the natural muscle-building hormone testosterone that men do. Even serious female trainers with years of experience can't build the bulky muscle you see on male bodybuilders. Of course, anyone—man or woman—who injects themselves with testosterone or...

Video on After being told her newborn son was dead, mother Kate Ogg was able to cuddle and caress her baby's limp body back to life, astonishing doctors. TODAY's Amy Robach has this incredible story.

Published on Mar 12, 2012

BEIJING — If running a 42 kilometer foot race was not tough enough, Sunday’s Beijing International Marathon saw thousands of competitors brave a “hazardous” smog which engulfed the Chinese capital.

Many runners wore face or gas marks to attempt to protect themselves from the effects of the poor air quality but there were several withdrawals before and during the race as runners feared for their health.

It did not stop Ethiopia’s Girmay Birhanu Gebru from winning the 34th edition of the race in two hours 10 minutes and 42 seconds, with his compatriot Fatuma Sado Dergo taking the women’s title.

But many leading...

in on Oct 21, 2014 .

First may I say that I love the name of this mom’s Facebook page: Momastery.  Life is lived in community – a family is community.   And when moms (and dads) come together to share the joys and struggles of parenthood, that’s community too.  We live life together – no one does it alone.

Now, to share the author’s recent post:

I am always amazed at the brilliance of kids – the wisdom of their young years and their exceptional ability to act spontaneously in the moment.  “Just do it!”  

Without being coached to do so, these young kids collectively...