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The attribute of greatness once awarded to leaders and spiritual icons is now found everywhere. From the classrooms to the field – from beneath us to heavens, the boundaries of greatness are being blurred. So go out and live. Live with a purpose and Live Better, Longer™!

In breaking news, the World Health Organisation is about to announce that processed meats, including bacon, sausages and even high amounts of red meat, are just as bad for us as asbestos and cigarettes!

It comes on the heels of a meeting of scientists from ten different countries that reviewed a broad array of data. A representative for the organization declined to comment, saying the WHO's full report would be available today, but we are still awaiting the news.

The announcement is expected to list the fry-up favourites in the same category as arsenic, asbestos and cigarettes. Red meat will also be declared “probably...

Sandy asks: I need help! Temperatures are dropping, and my motivation has dropped right with them. I’m having a terrible time getting out the door in the mornings. How can I keep on track with my running? I really don’t want to lose all I have gained through the summer!

One of the hardest parts of winter running is simply getting out of bed and out the door. As soon as the alarm clock goes off in the morning, the mental discussion begins: Get up or sleep in? Run or day off? Likewise, it is also difficult for those who run in the evenings to get out the door after work in the dark and cold.

It’s hard to run in darkness,...

in on Jan 24, 2016 .

A beer belly is a dangerous thing.

A new analysis of data from a large national study has found that carrying fat around the middle of the body greatly raises the risk for heart disease and death, even for those of normal weight.

Doctors usually determine obesity by body mass index, or B.M.I. —calculated from height and weight — but the calculation does not distinguish between fat and lean muscle weight. Measuring waist-to-hip ratio presents a different, and possibly more accurate, picture because it accounts for central obesity, or visceral fat, the fat stored around the internal organs.

Waist-to-hip ratio is waist...

Fat gets a bad rap for all the wrong reasons. The key is making fats work for you instead of against you. Fat is the king of macronutrients — it burns efficiently and cleanly and contains life-essential energy and nutrition, plus it’s anti-inflammatory.

Don't be fooled, though, all fats are not created equal. Different fats have distinct effects, and it’s crucial to know the hierarchy of fats for a healthy body and mind.

Benefits of Quality Fats

I built the Bulletproof diet on a foundation of good fats. Why? Through science, research, and experimentation, I realized that eating the correct type, amount, and ratios of...

Now that people are becoming more aware about the dangers of too much refined sugar, people are opting for “healthier” substitutes for the sweetener.

Whether it’s sugar-free soda, a lighter Starbucks drinks, or sugar-free gum, artificial sweeteners have been popping up everywhere, and many are choosing these options over their sugar-filled counterparts, believing them to be the more nutritious option. Unfortunately, many of these sugar substitutes are actually worse for you than the real thing.

Whether you’re into baking at home or trying to buy the right products at the grocery store, it’s important to know which...

The cost and access to health care has been a controversial issue for as long as I can remember. While it is debatable whether recent legislation has fixed the problem, statistics show that the rise in health care cost has outpaced the rate of inflation for 9 of the last 10 years. And if this trend continues, it is just a matter of time before health care becomes unaffordable once again. This means that taxes and insurance premiums will need to rise in order for the insurance companies to keep us covered.

Rising Stress Levels

Most of the solutions to our health care problems revolve around the supply of health care services....

How can something so simple as sleeping with weighted blankets be a solution to stress, anxiety, insomnia and more? Messed up sleep can create a long list of secondary issues that can quickly become primary concerns if insomnia or other disturbances continue untreated. Lack of sleep, whether it’s medically related or anxiety-driven, can throw off your normal functioning during the day. Concentration becomes difficult, productivity at work or school begins to suffer, irritability can have you lashing out at family and friends, and you also become at risk for serious health issues like heart attacks.

Deep pressure touch stimulation...

To many, the world of working out can seem like it’s full of rules. Keep your back flat during a push-up, squeeze your glutes in a plank—and don’t forget to roll your shoulders down before performing a bodyweight squat. Sure, these pointers are helpful and keep us from getting injured. But if you've ever wondered "WTF did he just say?" during a group class, you're not alone.

Turns out, there’s plenty of bad advice out there. And those who spend their days in the gym hear a lot of it. We asked top trainers to cut through the fog of misinformation and tell us the worst tips they’ve ever heard. If you’ve followed any of...