Shark Liver Oil

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Hundreds of years ago, fishermen from Norway and Sweden would use shark liver oil to help heal wounds, smooth skin, clear their lungs, and make their stomachs stop churning. Ancient Japanese texts actually refer to it as "Samedawa," which translates to "cure all."

Shark liver oil is extracted from the livers of deep-water sharks which typically inhabit the cold, non-polluted waters of the sea.  Raw shark liver oil that is minimally processed contains life-enhancing compounds including Alkylglycerol (or Alkoxyglycerol, AKG, Glycerol Ether Lipid),  Squalene, and natural trace elements.  Kaire’s shark liver oil is typically obtained from sharks that are caught as a by-product of deep-sea fishing, making a valuable remedy from a natural resource that would have otherwise gone to waste.


  • More Energy!
  • May Aid In Boosting Your Body’s Immune System!
  • May Help to Reduce The Side Effects Related to Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment, Such As a Decrease In White Blood Cell Counts!
  • May Make Colds & Flus a Thing Of The Past!

What is It?
Scientists for years have studied the incredible immune system of deep-sea sharks, once believing that the source of the secret immune building power was found in their cartilage. It is now known that the secret comes from the oil found in the livers of the sharks, which has been found to have large concentrations of a natural substance called alkylglycerols and Squalene.

Alkyglycerols are found naturally in human breast milk, and is a gift of a healthy immune system from mother to her new born. When we are born, our bodies are protected from the dangers of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections by alkylglycerols, naturally occurring lipids found in our mother’s milk.

We can’t stay young forever, and as we age, we need to source out new sources of alkyglycerols, and those found in the livers of deep-sea sharks of Norway are some of the most plentiful.

Where many companies boast that their products contain 20 – 25% alkyglycerol content, Kaire’s Immunol has an amazing 35% alkyglycerols by content, making it one of the highest alkyglycerol supplemental sources in the world.

Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed

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