Sale Calorad Original (3 Pack)

Calorad Original (3 Pack)

Collagen Weight Loss Supplement

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Overweight, tired and sluggish? Have you given up on "diets" and can't stick to an exercise program? Extra fat is really stored energy, but most seem unable to harness this energy without creating health problems. When you lose the excess weight, you can experience other health benefits.

The aging body produces less collagen-based tissue and every day we are exposed to compromising environmental factors. The result of collagen loss is wrinkles on the outside and breakdown of lean muscle and connective tissue on the inside. Simply put your fat/muscle ration changes. This process will continue until your body is supplied with proper supplementation.

Calorad® is the original collagen weight loss product seen on television and heard on the radio across the United States and Canada. It is the most powerful and dynamic liquid collagen-based dietary supplement available on the world market today. Calorad® helps you to lose weight, rebuild lean muscle tissue and restore a natural collagen base of self-repair. Most people will also experience welcome 'side benefits' such as: improved sleep, increased energy, overall toning, rejuvenation, and a greater sense of wellness.

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