Time to Listen to the Kid President

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“If we’re on the same team, we’d better start acting like it.”   This is just one of the wisdom quotes from Kid President.  I just “met” him for the first time today.   With elections going on across the country and final votes being tallied tomorrow, all I hear from adults is their desire for it to be over.  Many are so tired of all of the hype and the backstabbing and untruths that instead of getting out there and voting, they are throwing in the proverbial towel and NOT voting at all.   They’ve lost all hope in finding a real, honest and honorable politician – anywhere.

So believing that there is hope for the future – in our kids – despite all of the mess that we’ve handing down to them – I turned to the internet to search for the wise in the voices of children – because obviously we adults don’t know how to play well in our sandboxes.  There are amazing kids – teenagers developing apps that reveal the amount of money politicians have accepted in office – just by hovering over their printed name in any publication.  There are dozens and dozens of youth affiliations where kids are trying to better this country’s track record when it comes to serving as an elected official.

But this “Kid President” caught my eye.  He may be very familiar to a whole lot of people, especially kids – I hope so because his message is one we need to hear.  A whole lot louder than the ones that are being produced by an obscene amount of money for selfish gain.  He is refreshing and delightful and funny and happy and infectious.   His message needs to be heard by young and old alike for kids need to be reminded about how wonderful they are and adults need to realize how much they have forgotten.

Enjoy these few minutes.  Watch it tomorrow night instead of the boring commentary on the election results.


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