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First may I say that I love the name of this mom’s Facebook page: Momastery.  Life is lived in community – a family is community.   And when moms (and dads) come together to share the joys and struggles of parenthood, that’s community too.  We live life together – no one does it alone.

Now, to share the author’s recent post:

I am always amazed at the brilliance of kids – the wisdom of their young years and their exceptional ability to act spontaneously in the moment.  “Just do it!”  

Without being coached to do so, these young kids collectively joined together to support one of their own.  They didn’t stop to analyze or check their watches, or wonder what others might think.  These young kids showed more maturity than many adults.   Yes indeed, they are amazing.

Kids have been accused of following the crowd when they get to a certain age; that they easily succumb to peer pressure.  It can still be problematic when children lack a place to turn to for role models or sound advice, but I think the trend to follow is fading.

Kids today are learning to stand up for what is right, what is true and what is worthy.  Perhaps they are taking the higher path earlier and earlier because the track record of older generations hasn’t always been the brightest.  How is it that some kids just get it?  If we knew the answer to that the world would look a lot different and change wouldn’t happen at a snails pace.

And this isn’t an isolated case…here’s another amazing story of goodness and grace:

We are inundated with the bad news of the world – the violence and the misery and the broken and hopelessness of so many people and places.  But I am quite certain that a strong and amazing and hope-filled generation is rising and that there are thousands of stories such as these …they just don’t sell papers or bring in ratings.

Thank you kids!  Keep it up and maybe we can all learn from you.

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