Synerzyme Digestive Enzymes Really Work!

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Do you love food but often pay for it after eating some of your favorite meals?

Do you suffer from gas, bloating, burping, or heartburn?  It’s no picnic when our digestion system isn’t working as it should.

Never fear another food again! From spicy meals to rich desserts, enjoy healthy and comfortable digestion with Synerzyme.

Just one capsule of Synerzyme breaks down 30 grams of carbohydrates, 15 grams of protein, and 15 grams of fat!


For optimal nutrient absorption, enzymes in your body help to break down food to usable nutrients.  Synerzyme is formulated to assist in breaking down the all the foods that we enjoy. 

Let us demonstrate.  We’ve added 2 capsules of Synerzyme to a third of a pound of prepared ground beef to show you how quickly and effectively Synerzyme goes to work.  We stirred the prepared ground beef with the two Synerzyme capsules  for ten minutes to simulate the digestion process.  Watch as Synerzyme quickly liquefies the ground beef right before your eyes.  It’s simply amazing!

Many of our foods today are created for convenience – they are processed, microwaveable and easily overcooked.   Adding Synerzyme is a necessity not only for the fast foods, but also for those rich and delectable dishes we love to make.  Enjoy eating all your favorite foods again with Synerzyme.

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