Postnatal Fitness Tips You Need To Know And A Mother's Fitness Journey

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Giving birth to a baby is a great thing. However, many women face the inevitable question ‘how long before would their bodies return to their original shape, or ask a rather subjective question ‘would they look good’ after giving birth to their a child. And the answer is – yes! 

 A growing number of women today are inspired by social media plaftorms such as, Instagram, and hashtags such as '#pregofit' '#fitmom' '#fitpregnany', all of which guide them to inspiration for exercise, diet and overall a better lifestyle. 

Social media allows yummy mummies to see what so many women just like them are doing and what changes they have to make in their daily routine to achieve the body they want after delivering a child.

And with the help of social media, some women come to a conclusion that your postnatal body can even look better than your pre-pregnancy body thanks to the combination of fitness, clean diet and healthy lifestyle.

Another great thing about social media is that it has become possible to see pregnant women’s results on a weekly and monthly diary basis.

Julie Bhosale, who featured her postnatal journey at, showed what it’s like to be a woman struggling to get back in shape after giving birth to a child. 

“Birth and the post-partum period is such an emotional and vulnerable time,” Julie wrote. Julie helps women get through the post-partum period by showing her own experience with it.

Julie took pictures of her postnatal journey to document things as they really were for her – “no filters and no pretending I had it altogether,” as Julie explained.

“I am on a mission to empower women to eat well and take care of themselves given the challenges we are up against as mums,”Julie wrote.

So how do you do that, exactly? Here are a few rules for you: take a good daily care of yourself, eat right and, of course, exercise. Pregnancy demands great efforts from the woman’s body, while delivering a child is a challenge no sport activity stands even close in terms of the amount of energy spent. 

Having delivered a child, some women say ‘I don’t have time nor energy to exhaust myself with exercises’. First of all, there is no need to ‘exhaust’ yourself with anything. You need to have a well-deserved rest after your baby is born, and then begin when your body allows you to. 

Instead, postnatal fitness has to be as pleasant as possible for a yummy mummy such as yourself. Thus, picking a fitness activity you feel passionate about is a must. Here’s a list of the most efficient postnatal types of fitness that promote recovery and maintain a great shape:

 Aerobics of low intensity or step aerobics would be a good choice if you enjoy steady cardio workouts. You can also do fitball exercises and stretching, as both are great to tone your body. Also, consider doing callanetics, a system of small muscular movements and squeezes, which is especially beneficial for the body during the postnatal period. 

We believe that these are the safest and most effective postnatal fitness types to get yourself in great shape after pregnancy, because neither of these fitness types requires you to be in excellent shape in order to perform them. Basically, these are the basic fitness types to fuel your body with physical activity after the pregnancy. Choose the one that seems more appealing to you, all of them are equally beneficial if you have passion and fun doing them. 

“More than anything I want mothers to know: You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are a mother,” Julie Bhosale wrote. 

Getting in good shape after pregnancy is a rather long journey, and it requires you to put some effort into it. But remember: your body won’t look attractive on its own if you don’t do any fitness and eat ice cream all day long. 

 So get your sexy butt to do some exercises! The life of your baby and your life have only just begun! 



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