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It was forty-five years ago this week that the world was able to look back upon itself.  This island home of humanity was viewed from the perspective of one standing on the moon and it changed the way we looked at ourselves.  At least it did for me.

I had just graduated from high school the month before Neil Armstrong took that one small step on the moon’s surface.  I was in my “own small world” of leaving the familiar behind and wondering how my life would change stepping onto a large college campus.  

I remember it as a time of great tension on so many levels.  The “right and the wrong” of the war in Viet Nam; the letter of the law and the freedom seeking of millions of flower children; civil rights, marches, protests and justice trying to find a voice in all of the noise.

Even the controversy that the whole moon landing was staged could not take away the fascination of this hope-filled, naïve optimist as I stood out in the street in front of my house and gazed up at that full orb of light.  I was in awe at a time when nothing made sense.  That there were men on the moon gazing at the earth as I was standing there gazing at them opened an awareness within of a vast invisible connectedness I had never before realized.

These many years later, the mystery of our interrelatedness to the stars and the planets is still unfolding.  That our DNA contains the elements of the dust of the cosmos and that my life depends on the interaction of air, water, tree and plant, I am still in awe.   I live in gratitude for the capacity of the human mind for good and in the midst of great advances in science, technology, medicine and human understanding, we can return to the simplicity and purity of basics.

So live large, love deep, take care of your body and the earth, respect one another and never lose the ability to be surprised by the universe!


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