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Whether we are conscious of it or not, the cosmos – the universe – changes us, even minutely so.  A small cellular synchronization and we are different.  The gravitational pull of the moon affects every particle of mass in the universe and some of us notice.  Twice a year, on or about September 22nd and March 20th, the sun crosses the celestial equator and day and night is of equal length and some of us celebrate the constant expanding and extraordinary dimensions of this world.

It is not just a symbolic thing, the changes of the seasons.  It seems as those we are “called” into an awareness of the incredible possibilities within each of us as well.  It’s like we’ve been given a glimpse into the incredible creations that we are and we can stop and take stock of where we are in life.  

Have we lived well?   Have we taken our souls, minds and bodies to their full and fantastic reaches?  Have we settled for that which has been dealt us?   Or is it time to challenge the reality and make “it is what it is” into “it is what it is and more.”   Sometimes with enough vision and daring, with enough courage and craziness, we can create different realities.  We can break out of prescripted boxes of limitations.  We can discover what makes our own life soar.  

On this equinox day of balance, I plan to look at where I am off-balance.  Have I told myself there is too little time in my “busy” day to exercise?  That I don’t have where with all to figure out a healthy diet?  That it’s just too much work to change my lifestyle, or my dreams, or ???   It’s going to take work, perseverance, retraining my thinking and perhaps, even a scraped knee or elbow…



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