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I came across this photograph – number 28 of 33 fun snapshots taken at just the perfect, split-second moment:

Eyes squeezed tightly shut against the explosion of watery, soapy wonderful, the child’s smile is captured just as it changes from delight to surprise.  Seeing this picture I bet that we all stopped, smiled and remembered what it was like to chase and annihilate bubbles.  Sometimes the race to see how many we could pop was even more fun than creating them with our various blowers and wands.

After all, a bubble is just a thin, iridescent film of soapy water filled with air.  How does something so simple and common bring such smiles to our faces?   Even looking up the scientific makeup of a bubble didn’t take away the tendency inside to smile as I read the facts:  “The film that makes the bubble has three layers.  A thin layer of water is sandwiched between two layers of soap molecules.  Each soap molecule is oriented so that its polar (hydrophilic) head faces the water, while its hydrophobic hydrocarbon tail extends away from the water layer.  (I know you’re smiling now.)  No matter what shape a bubble has initially, it will try to become a sphere.  Though soap bubbles are traditionally made from (you guessed it) soap, most bubble solutions consist of detergent in water.”

The how of it just doesn’t matter.   Bubbles are fun.  Bubbles make children giggle uncontrollably.  Bubbles get us to gaze in wonder at miniature rainbows dancing across the lawn.  Birdseed is out and bubbles now greet newlywed couples as they leave the celebration for the rest of their lives.  Perhaps bubbles transport us back to our childhoods and give us a great excuse to play with abandon again.  Kids blow bubbles in their milk, in the bathtub and with a twinkle of the eye dare you to make them to stop without your laughing with them.

Laughter is good for the soul ~ good for the body as well.  It soothes the cranky as really, there is just no angry way to say bubbles.

Go play – make some bubbles.   Some even make a living at it!

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