Independence of the Daily Kind

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Friday marks the 238th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and all across this country its citizens will celebrate the federal holiday with picnics, barbeques, baseball games and fireworks.  Count me among the many who have plans to enjoy the day with my kids and watching the night sky light up with kabooms of color.

While I’m munching on hot dogs and corn on the cob with the rest of the millions, I think I’ll create my own independence manifesto and loosen the restrictions on some of the freedoms I enjoy. 

I’ve already devoid myself the tyranny of a landline, no longer having to jump up from my chair and run to the phone.  Now I just tap the device inserted in my ear.  Sweet freedom!  No need to bother another with idle chitchat...a few lines of text will save so much time.

I’m getting better and becoming more independent of commercialism and the attraction to convenience.   I fill the battered looking thermos jug with home brewed coffee and refuse to wait in the drive-thru for fancy drinks in plastic cups.  And my favorite, worn out t-shirt and flip-flops suit me just fine, no matter the shrieks from fashion dependent gurus.

Perhaps I could declare independence from the clutches of insurance…all kinds…for when I’m done paying all of the premiums there’s usually too much month left at the end of the money.  It’s a bit crazy when I admit that I’m glad I have it, hope I don’t have to use it, and then get upset at the end of the year because I spent all that money for nothing.  

I guess that’s the trade-off of living in freedom – enjoying my unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness also means letting everyone else enjoy the same rights in their own way.   So, my apologies to my neighbors ahead of time – you’ll have to put up with the noise from a few fireworks that we’ll set off tomorrow night in front of the house, and I’ll accept your choice of music exploding from your car’s audio system.

Happy Independence Day!

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