6 Important Health Benefits From Taking Omega-3 Fatty Acids

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Omega-3 supplementation plays an important role in health and performance throughout life. The following are 6 important health benefits from taking Omega-3 fatty acids:


1.     BULDING MUSCLE - Research has shown that protein synthesis (one of the key factors of muscle growth) can be increased by 30% when omega-3s are combined with a sufficient amount of protein or amino acids, compared to amino acids or protein alone.  The regulation of protein breakdown is controlled by a different process than protein synthesis, and evidence shows omega-3s, especially EPA, reduces protein breakdown. In other words, EPA plays two unique roles in muscle growth. It stimulates protein synthesis and reduces protein breakdown by acting on completely different mechanisms in muscle metabolism.


2.     ENHANCES IMMUNE FUNCTION - This is another area fish oil can play an important role in your fitness and performance. It’s been shown to support the function of white blood cells, key cells in your immune system. 


3.     REDUCED INFLAMMATION - When quality fish oil is taken at efficacious dosages, they have a significant effect on the body’s inflammatory response.  One study showed that taking fish oil every day has a positive effect on more than 1000 genes that regulate inflammation. If you do a lot of cardio or large amounts of endurance training you should make omega-3 supplementation a top priority.


4.     IMPROVED NUTRIENT DELIVERY TO CELLS - Higher intakes of omega-3s actually change the composition of the cell membrane. A higher percentage of omega-3s in the cell membrane allows for an easier flow of nutrients in and out of the cell.


5.     IMPROVED BRAIN HEALTH - DHA seems to play an important role in brain health throughout life. DHA is passed from the mother to her unborn baby, and is important for the developing brain. Many studies have shown significant differences in later development when comparing babies born from mothers who supplemented with fish oil and those who did not. For example, at 2.5 years after birth, toddlers of mothers who supplemented with fish oil had significantly improved hand and eye coordination compared to toddlers of mothers who did not supplement. The effect of DHA on brain health seems to continue throughout life. Some research points at DHA consumption being important at warding off Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive diseases.


6.     REDUCED TRIGLYCERIDE LEVELS - If you are eating a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetable and plenty of lean proteins, your triglyceride levels should be well under control. EPA has been shown to support lower triglyceride levels. If you do have elevated triglycerides, or you have a family member who isn’t ready to make dietary changes, supplementing with fish oil can help improve his or her lipid profile quickly. Of course, a reduced-carbohydrate, low-sugar diet will drop triglyceride levels the fastest.

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