10 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked. This Is Pretty Awesome

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Every night you're making a choice. Do you throw on those flannel pajamas or go commando? Talking to some haters, you'd think that sleeping naked is the most disgusting thing in the world. Truth is, it's actually amazing. It has health benefits galore, not to mention how much easier it is to sleep naked in general. If you aren't already sleeping naked, you will be after this.

You'll Air Yourself Out 

You've kept your sensitive bits under wraps all day, and now they need a bit of airing out. According to The Sex Drive Solution for Women, airing out your genitals can prevent bacteria from hosting a party down there. While it's most beneficial for women, men can have the same benefit as well.

Your Temperature Will Be Just Right

It turns out, your body needs to be cooler while you sleep. The National Sleep Foundation insists that our bodies decrease in temperature through the night. Wearing warm pajamas only stalls what your body was meant to do.

You Could Lose Weight

When your body is cooler during sleep, your cells have to work a bit harder to keep you at the optimum temperature. Because of that, your metabolism gets fired up, possibly helping you lose weight.



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